What Makes Pop Music “Pop”?

Or: Why Taylor Swift Says “Shake It Off” 44 Times. The article was posted for the first time on Medium " Pop is easily identified by its repetitive verses and instrumentals. Our brains really like patterns and pop music follows simple patterns that are easy for us to quickly pick up. Take T-Swift’s “Shake It Off” song where she… Continue reading What Makes Pop Music “Pop”?


Reflection # :What’s matter?

I realized that being too hasty in determining learning results might not be a nice thing. Starting with no expectation, I just thought I need some "nature science experiences" in this co-design year before completely dig in my major; However, it's turned out that a chance to learn the lesson came even if you didn't… Continue reading Reflection # :What’s matter?

#56 an email from a comrade

My instructor of the course Vietnamese Study was informally called as a comrade, the 20th student instead of "thay". Today, from East Coast 12 hours difference, he sent out an email which somehow sums the course up with a bunch of fun triggers. Here come some of them: I would like to congratulate all of… Continue reading #56 an email from a comrade

#34 Are you majoring in …

A very short conversation on the way to school. Tam: Be careful using this word, AHB. It would be a bad word. AHB: I know. Every Vietnamese word would be a bad word, especially the things that Da Ly teaches me. Ly: %^&##@ AHB: Ly, are you majoring in insulting your teacher? Ly: Well, that's… Continue reading #34 Are you majoring in …

Lý thuyết viên đạn ma thuật (Hypodermic needle or Magic bullet theory)

Nhà nghiên cứu: Laswell (1927) và Hovland et.al. (1953). Cách đặt vấn đề của thuyết này chịu ảnh hưởng bởi tâm lý học hành vi, cho rằng cùng một kích thích sẽ tạo ra cùng một loại phản ứng giống nhau ở đám đông (Williams K., 2003). Thuyết “Mũi kim tiêm” (hypodermic needle model) hay thuyết… Continue reading Lý thuyết viên đạn ma thuật (Hypodermic needle or Magic bullet theory)

Post-it note (aka Sticky note) series

Những ai thân cận đều biết việc tôi thường ghi chú trên những mẩu giấy nhỏ thay vì viết vào sổ. Thứ nhất là giấy như thế này thì nhẹ hơn, dễ di chuyển. Thứ hai là viết sổ cần nhiều nỗ lực để giữ cho đồng bộ và đẹp, tôi thì ưa đẹp nhưng… Continue reading Post-it note (aka Sticky note) series